Give some thought to your choice of filling.

You won’t find your ideal sofa by making your decision solely on style and living space compatibility, as comfort also plays a huge factor. So you need to give some serious thought about how firm you want your filling to be. Discover the latest cushion collection from Cargo.

Fillings for sofas

Sofa fillings make a big difference to the level of support and comfort your couch will offer. Your choice of filling will also influence the level of maintenance your couch will need in its lifetime.

Foam upholstery

Upholstery foam is affordable and comes in several thicknesses and weights. Foam upholstery feels firm and supportive, and gives your sofa a more tailored finish. They have a uniform appearance, recover quickly after being sat on and need little maintenance to stay looking their best. However, over time, the foam will compress and slightly shrink but this process is slower with high resilience foam.

Fibre upholstery

Fibre sofa cushions feel slightly softer than foam and help create a more relaxed style. They’re made with synthetic fibres, and need to be turned and plumped regularly to maintain their appearance and comfort level.

Feather-filled upholstery

Feather sofa cushions are the most traditional form of seat filling. They are the softest to sit on, but also the most challenging to maintain. That’s why they’re often only used in pillows, back cushions, and scatter cushions.


Not only do sofa covers help to minimise the wear and tear of your sofas, they add extra style to enhance the overall look of your décor.

Loose sofa covers

Sofa covers dramatically differ due to their fabrics, fittings and styles. A loose sofa cover is easy to remove, which can sometimes make them easier to clean. They’re also easy to replace, and are a favourite with families and pet owners who often deal with sofa stains and wear and tear.

Fixed sofa covers

A fixed sofa cover is pulled tight across the cover, and tends to be non-removable, creating a more fitted and formal look. Fixed sofas are more appropriate for more formal living spaces such as dining rooms, or less casual style living rooms.